→ I'm A Mess || Marlene + Lily


"Well, Mrs. Potter is well aware that I don’t do ‘staying down’, and I’m sure she wouldn’t be all that surprised," she said. "And who’s to say I don’t know something about healing," she said. Frankly, after her couple of days in bed, Marlene just wanted to be able to do…

"I know you guys don’t, but I can handle it," she said. "You don’t just stop the bleeding. You have to let the blood clot over the cut and that’s how it’ll stop."

I’m A Mess || Marlene + Lily


"I know that but Mrs. Potter said you have to stay down. I know you hate it but you have to let us serve you." she said and walked closer to her. "That doesn’t look okay. I should go get someone who knows something about healing." she continued worriedly.

"Well, Mrs. Potter is well aware that I don’t do ‘staying down’, and I’m sure she wouldn’t be all that surprised," she said. "And who’s to say I don’t know something about healing," she said. Frankly, after her couple of days in bed, Marlene just wanted to be able to do something by herself without everyone breathing down her necks, and no one seemed to quite understand that.

I Need You || Blackinnon


Sirius woke to the sharp sound of tapping. He recognized the sound of an owl pecking its beak at a window, but as he blinked, he saw that it was still dark. Dazedly, he rose from bed and pulled the window open, where Marlene’s familiar owl flew in. Sirius took the letter and read the shaky handwriting, the apologetic words, the I need you. Without thinking, he grabbed a quill and quickly wrote back:


On my way.


Once Mira flew away, Sirius put on slippers and grabbed his wand. Easily, he slipped out of his bedroom window and was soon walking through the grassy lawn towards the McKinnon house. The dark night did not dismay him in the slightest; Marlene needed him and he would do anything to get there.

By the time he arrived at the vines that led up to her bedroom, Sirius was fully awake. He climbed them, not being quite careful as doing so in his haste. Soon he was pulling himself through the open window and stepping into the room, immediately looking at Marlene with a look of worry.

Marlene didn’t bother reading the letter when it came back, because she was sure that he would come. Instead, she leaned back in her bed, attempting to stop her tears and calm down some. Once she heard Sirius push open her window, she simply airily mumbled, “Come here,” through her tears, moving to open her arms.

I Loved You From The Start → Blackinnon


"I don’t think you’d lie like that, no. You probably don’t want to hurt me, which I can understand," he said sincerely. Sirius couldn’t see how someone as adamant about being against love like Marlene could suddenly change their views, even if that had happened with him. He stroked her cheek momentarily.

Sirius shifted uncomfortably at the sudden mention of his parents. He didn’t want to show just how much his parents had an influence over him, even now that he’d gotten away from them. He sighed, glancing away. “Look, it’s not…” But Sirius couldn’t even bring himself to deny it.

Sirius let his eyes flutter shut as she kissed him. The words were sweet against his ears, soft and meaningful and Sirius wished he had a record of Marlene simply saying he loved him so that he could play it over and over. He chuckled slightly and simply gazed into her face, quite unable to say anything else.

She tilted her head into his hand slightly as he stroked her cheek, looking up at him and studying her face, attempting to have some idea as to what was going on in his head. She could tell he was about to deny that his parents had anything to do with it, but they both knew that that wasn’t true, so she didn’t know why he would bother lying to her. 

Marlene smiled slightly as he chuckled, and leaned to rest her forehead against his again. She pressed a couple more light kisses to his lips before mumbling, “Do you believe me now?”

Been So Long || Marlene + James


"Good thing one of you have a brain." he chuckled and sighed, "Stop doing that, you’ll get smack coupons until this is healed," he said grabbing her wrist softly brushing his thumb over it. "I know, I know," he sighed, "I’ll start today, I promise."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" she said. She sighed as he grabbed her wrist, his touch gentle enough to not hurt her. "I just want it to heal already, but your mum is doing it a longer way to try and make it so I don’t get any scars," she said. "You should sleep soon, okay? You look exhausted."

I’m A Mess || Marlene + Andromeda


"I know, she just worries, but her intentions are good." she chuckled taking the kettle out of the fire and making some tea. "That and being idiots, or that’s why most call the reckless. I just agree with the proud to the point of people smacking you to realise you need help. Sirius is like that too."

"Yeah, I know," she said. "We’re not idiots, thank you very much. Ah, but no one would ever smack me, because they know I’d give it right back to them."

Been So Long || Marlene + James


"I can live with that," he chuckled, "No, Dad told me, I don’t know the details but I’m sure I would’ve done the same." he pointed, "Well… we didn’t sleep that much, but we tried, does that work? you can smack me when you’re healed."

She shrugged, “Well, there aren’t many fine details. I saw him following Sirius, so I went to stop him because there was no way I was letting that happen. He threatened me, and I said I’d scream to get the whole Great Hall’s attention on him. And then Sirius came out and saw what was happening, and eventually Orion buggered off,” she said. She gently moved a hand up and lightly hit his shoulder, hiding her slight wince at the pain in her wrist from James. “You need to sleep.”

I’m A Mess || Marlene + Andromeda


"I know, just take it easy, in a few days you’ll be running around the house." she chuckled and started to boil some water, "Are all Gryffindors this proud?" she teased a bit.

"I don’t think Dorea’s going to let me run around, actually," she said. She smiled slightly at Andromeda’s teasing and said, "Isn’t that what we’re known for?"

I Need You || Blackinnon

Since Marlene had gotten back, she’d had a few small nightmares here and there about her time spent in the warehouse, but they weren’t anything she couldn’t handle. She figured that small nightmares like that wouldn’t go away for a while, but she was okay with that, having expected it. 

What she didn’t expect, however, was waking up crying from a nightmare that had shaken her so much. She was sweating, and her blankets were on the floor, meaning she must’ve been moving around quite a bit. Even her two cats were scared, huddled in Meissa’s bed together, while they normally would be in her bed with her. She tried to calm herself down, but horrible and vivid images kept flashing through her thoughts, and she knew she couldn’t manage alone. 

Before she knew it, she had parchment in her lap and was writing, her handwriting more shaky than normal. 


I’m sorry, I’m sure Mira was an ass and pecked at your window so many times to wake you up, but I just… I need you. Could you come over? 

- Mar

Been So Long || Marlene + James


"I don’t know, if you don’t like them you’ll punch them or I will." he shrugged, "I heard Orion almost made a scene, don’t know the details. I guess helping Sirius gives you points with the cousin. And yeah, we didn’t want to but Dad and Owen made us rest."

"Or we could both punch them. That’s a good idea. But I get the first swing," she said. "Really? I could’ve sworn I told you about that. And, yeah, I guess so," she said. "Well, it’s good they did. If you hadn’t of been sleeping at all, I would be smacking you right now for being such an idiot."